The Brigham Innovation Hub turns the breakthrough concepts, inventions, and research of Brigham clinicians into medical products and services that benefit patients and improves care delivery.

Submit Your Idea Share

Brigham Innovation Hub Idea Share

Why submit a confidential idea share?

1. Test your idea.

We will work with you to evaluate the idea, competition, and the market opportunity.

2. Find collaborators and develop a prototype or proof of concept.

We can connect with engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, incubators, industry firms and other academic institutions.

3. Funding

We can help you identify and formulate the pitch for potential funding.

4. Design a product strategy to reach the market and patients faster.

5. Resources from Brigham Innovation Hub and Partners Innovation.

We will help you submit an invention disclosure, have a dialogue about intellectual property and explore commercialization strategies.  Read more about Partners Innovation Services for Investigators.

6. Brigham Innovation Hub support:

  • Idea development through innovation facilitation, market analysis and workshops
  • Active project management by dedicated Innovation Manager
  • Collaborations for prototyping, testing, and team building
  • Commercialization strategy and business planning
  • Interactions with industry partners to explore licensing and co-development