Brigham Innovation Hub develops innovation series and programs to help facilitate and provide a forum for idea generation and acceleration.  

The goal of our innovation series is to support more innovation, faster, and smarter within individual departments, task forces, and programs. These innovation series are co-developed with organization stakeholders and are tailored with input and buy-in from leadership to ensure they meet each organization’s unique needs.

While they take different forms, these innovation series provide a forum for the following activities:

Brainstorm to identify challenges, painpoints, or problems to help improve patient care or reduce operational inefficiencies

Develop and validate commercializable or research ideas that will be explored and developed further by teams

Propel ideas from the innovation series forward toward commercialization with Brigham Innovation Hub resources, including project management, business analytics, team building, and funding planning.

Interested in a running an innovation series with your department or program? Please email and we can discuss ways to facilitate innovation within your own organization at BWH!

BWH Innovation Spotlight

Read about the Pulmonary Medicine Innovation Series.

Dr. Bruce Levy, MD, Division Chief Pulmonary Medicine talks about the Innovation Series as an exercise in team building and further exposure to innovation.

Read about Sophia Koo’s journey to develop a new diagnostic device.

Sophia Koo, MD, Division of Infectious Disease, inspired by new technology, discovered a new diagnostic mechanism that would change the way she delivered patient care.